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How to use pen needles to administer diabetes medication

by Diabetes Shop 14 Jun 2021
Person injecting diabetes medication

Thanks to our partnership with BD Diabetes Care, we’re thrilled to be working with BD to provide important information for our diabetes medication users. 

BD Diabetes Care focuses on the management of diabetes through its high-quality products and education services, designed to help people with diabetes live healthy lives.

Hosted by our very own Credentialed Diabetes Educator Carolien Koreneff, they cover everything you need to know about how to quickly and easily use a pen needle to inject insulin correctly, including:

  • how to attach a pen needle to the medication pen
  • priming the needle
  • how to inject correctly
  • how to dispose of a needle correctly.

How to administer insulin for carers


How to self-administer your insulin

For more information regarding your diabetes medication contact your GP, Diabetes Educator, or Endocrinologist.

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