Nutrition Aids

Healthy Eating Meal Plate Tearpad: 50 Sheets
BUILDING HEALTHIER MEALS When planning or preparing a healthier meal it is important to fill your plate with non-starchy vegetables and salads, some lean protein and high fibre, lower Glycemic Index (GI) carbohydrates to get the right balance. A GUIDE...
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Portion Perfection Kit-n-Karry Lunch Bag - Blue
Portion Perfection Kit-n-Karry Lunch Bag The Portion Perfection Kit-n-Karry Lunchbag is filled with everything you need to make the perfect portioned sized lunch, dinner or breakfast on the go. Made from sturdy hardwearing canvas with easy to access compartments, and...
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Portion Perfection Porti-Prepper
Portion Perfection Porti-Prepper Enjoy perfection portioned meals on the go with Portion Perfection Porti-Prepper meal prep containers. Portion Perfection have taken the guess work out of making your working day lunch with healthy food suggestions printed on each compartment, so you...
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