NDSS – National Diabetes Services Scheme

NDSS – National Diabetes Services Scheme

The NDSS helps you self-manage your diabetes by providing education, support, and subsidised products.

When you are first diagnosed with diabetes- your GP, the GP practice nurse or your diabetes educator will help register you with the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS). Once you are registered, some of the essential products you need to manage your diabetes, such as blood glucose test strips and needles, are made available to you at a subsidised price.

The NDSS service includes:

  • Access to subsidised or free diabetes products.
  • Resources, health information and programs to help you manage your diabetes. To find out more about the programs and services available through the NDSS, visit the NDSS website at ndss.com.au/services or ring the NDSS helpline at 1800 637 700.
  • Information and support through the free, telephone based NDSS helpline at 1800 637 700. You can speak with an accredited dietitian, diabetes educator or exercise physiologist for general health information and to help you manage your diabetes.

To access an NDSS registration form and read all eligibility criteria, visit the NDSS website at www.ndss.com.au

Products available on the NDSS

Diabetesshop.com is not currently an authorized access point for NDSS subsidised products. Access Points, are usually your local community pharmacy. The Diabetesshop.com sells items that are also available on the NDSS, but because we are not an approved access point, we are unable to provide these products at the NDSS subsidised price.

For your closest Access Point you can search using the Online Services Directory or call the NDSS helpline at 1800 637 700. For more information on subsidised products visit the NDSS website.

How can you access a blood glucose meter?

If you have diabetes, you may have been asked by your diabetes team to check your blood glucose levels. Blood glucose test strips are subsidised through the NDSS.  Your doctor, diabetes nurse practitioner or diabetes educator can help you choose a blood glucose meter that suits your needs, show you how to use it and help you work out a routine for when to check your blood glucose levels. If you meet eligibility criteria, you may be able to access a free blood glucose meter. You can also purchase a meter through the diabetes shop or through your local Access Point.

What other diabetes supplies will I need to manage my diabetes?

In addition to what is available through the NDSS, you may need additional diabetes supplies such as:

For all of your diabetes supplies, visit the diabetes shop at https://diabetesshop.com/.