DU'IT Foot & Heel Balm Plus 50g
Visible effects within 1 day, DU’IT Foot & Heel Balm Plus is an intensive heel balm formula containing 25% Urea that helps repair cracked, dry heels. It’s clinically and dermatologically tested to effectively rehydrate, soften and protect feet, giving you...
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DU'IT Roll On Heel Balm 50mL
DU’IT Roll On Heel Balm is an easy to use, no mess, no fuss gel heel balm that repairs dry, rough, thickened, irritated or cracked feet & skin. Visible effects in 1 day, it’s non-greasy and contains no nasties. ✔ Fast...
$13.95 $12.95
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DU'IT The Goddess Collection Gift Pack
Hydrate, soften and brighten your hands with The Goddess Collection. Featuring our signature Tough Hands for Her and limited edition Tough Hands for Her Rose and Green Tea hand creams. Tough Hands for Her works to repair dry, chapped, calloused...
$11.95 $9.95
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DU'IT The Iconic Collection Gift Pack
Introducing The Iconic Collection especially formulated to provide instant relief to dry, irritated and rough skin. The perfect collection to repair, exfoliate, hydrate and protect your skin to reveal softer, smoother and younger looking skin. CONTAINS DU’IT Tough Hands 150g...
$40.95 $24.95
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DU'IT Tough Hands for Her 75g
DU’IT Tough Hands for Her hand cream and moisturiser is a clinically tested anti-aging dry skin hand cream for tired, overworked hands. Repairs, brightens and softens dry hands with visible effects in 1 day. It contains a powerful peptide complex...
$10.49 $8.90
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DU'IT Tough Hands Fragrance Free 150g
U’IT Tough Hands Fragrance Free intensive hand cream is a clinically proven, intensive strength hand cream for dry hands that works to seal cracks, replace lost oils, condition the skin and form a protective barrier to keep hands in top...
$12.95 $11.95
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DU'IT Tough Scrub 150mL
DU’IT Tough Scrub is a 3-in-1 moisturising hand scrub that works as hard as your hands. It cleans, exfoliates and moisturises the skin and contains no harsh chemicals or irritants that dry out the skin. It cleans stubborn dirt, removes...
$12.49 $10.60
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