LifeSmart 2TwoPlus Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitor
The LifeSmart 2TwoPlus is a unique blood glucose and ketone monitor that can accurately measure your blood glucose, ketone and hematocrit levels. Its wide hematocrit range (0-70%) enables it to be used across the age spectrum from infants through to...
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LifeSmart 2TwoPlus Blood Glucose Test Strips 100pk
This GDH-FAD strip can accurately measure both blood glucose and hematocrit (0-70%) values without any interference. SPECIFICATIONSEnzyme Type: GDH-FADSample Size: 1.0 μLReaction Time: 5 secondsParameter: GlucoseMeasurement Range: 10 – 700 mg/dL (0.56 – 38.89 mmol/L)Hematocrit Range: 0% – 70%Precision ∓...
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LifeSmart 2TwoPlus Ketone Test Strips 10pk
Beta Ketone Blood Strips10 individually wrapped beta ketone test strips for the LifeSmart GM037 Monitor. SPECIFICATIONSEnzyme Type : HBDSample Size : 1.0 μLReaction Time : 10 secondsMeasurement Range : 0.1 – 8.0 mmol/L (1.04 – 83.2 mg/dL)Hematocrit Range : 10%...
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