• Feet First with Diabetes

    Feet First with Diabetes

    If you live with diabetes you are at a higher risk of experiencing problems with your feet. This is because diabetes can damage the nerves and blood supply in your extremities, specifically your legs and feet. Nerve damage makes it hard to feel sensation in your feet which means you might not notice a pressure injury, blister, corn or callous. Pain is one way...
  • Making Healthier Food Choices, Part 3: Snacks & Treats

    Making Healthier Food Choices, Part 3: Snacks & Treats

    Are you a snacker? Could your treat choices be better? Following on from making healthy changes to your breakfasts and main meals, in the final part of our healthier food choices we look at snacks.  Snacks can help you maintain your blood glucose levels and keep you fuller for longer between meals. Eating the right snacks can also help you meet your nutritional needs e.g....
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