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CareSens N Voice Blood Glucose Monitor
The CareSens N Voice is perfect for people living with impaired vision as it can talk and it has a large screen and numbers. This easy to read monitor can store up to 500 blood level results with battery life...
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FreeStyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose Monitor
The FreeStyle Optium Neo System is an easy to use meter with a choice of support tools for blood glucose and ketone testing. It uses Freestyle Optium Blood Glucose test strips to check for blood glucose levels and Freestyle Optium...
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Accu-Chek Performa Blood Glucose Monitor
The Accu-Chek Performa blood glucose monitor is ready for use straight out of the box. No coding or set-up required. This easy to read monitor can store up to 500 blood level results. Personal reminders can be programmed alerting you...
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LifeSmart 2TwoPlus Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitor
The LifeSmart 2TwoPlus is a unique blood glucose and ketone monitor that can accurately measure your blood glucose, ketone and hematocrit levels. Its wide hematocrit range (0-70%) enables it to be used across the age spectrum from infants through to...
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True Metrix Go Blood Glucose Monitor
Test anywhere, anytime with the ultra portable True Metrix Go, featuring Triple Sense Technology for proven accurate results you can share. The True Metrix Go is a uniquely designed blood glucose meter that integrates the True Metrix test strips container...
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FreeStyle Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Monitor
The FreeStyle Freedom Lite blood glucose monitor is designed for people who want simple and easy glucose monitoring. It has a large numeric display, large buttons and a large meter size that makes it easy to read and hold. Features•...
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True Metrix Air Blood Glucose Monitor
The True Metrix Air is a Bluetooth capable blood glucose meter that allows accurate tracking of your glucose levels over time. The True Metrix Air features integrated bluetooth connection to seamlessly deliver results to your iOS or Android smartphone or...
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