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BD Ultra-Fine Syringe 1.0ml 31G 6mm

Pack of 100 Syringes
Product Description
  • Less needle. More comfort.1,2 *
  • The shortest BD insulin syringe needle currently available in Australia and New Zealand.#
  • 31G x 6mm needle designed for a more comfortable injection.1,2*
  • Are more comfortable than longer BD insulin syringe needles.1,2

Disposable syringe and needle.

Please note all Pen Needles & Syringes have a use by date.

Please note, these Pen Needles & Syringes listed are available from at full retail prices with no NDSS subsidy (but with 10% off for members). Following government changes to the NDSS from 1 July 2016, you will need to visit your local NDSS Access Point Pharmacy to obtain NDSS-subsidised Pen Needles & Syringes

We only offer refunds on Pen Needles & Syringes if the strips are faulty, if you are eligible for the NDSS subsidy and purchase full priced Pen Needles & Syringes you are not eligible for a refund.

*Compared to BD insulin syringes longer needles.
# As of August 2017
1. FridAH, KreugelG, GrassiG et al. Mayo ClinProc. September 2016:91(9):1231-1255.
2. Schwartz S, HassmanD, ShelmetJ, et al. ClinTher.2004:26(10):1663-1678.
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