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Myabetic Banting Diabetes Supply Wallet

TP064, TP065, TP066, TP088, TP089, TP090, TP091
TP064, TP065, TP066, TP088, TP089, TP090, TP091


Product Description
Checking your blood sugar is annoying enough. Why make it worse with that ugly, standard-issue black nylon case? This sleek diabetes supply wallet was designed to turn heads out of envy, not sympathy.

  • Holds daily testing essentials
  • Velcro meter pocket accommodates almost all meters on the market with dimensions 12.7cm L x 7.62cm W x 2.85cm H (also accommodates Omnipod's PDM or the Dexcom receiver)
  • Mesh zipper pocket and three interior elastic loops to hold test strip drums, lancing devices, lancet needles, injection pens or vials, syringes, infusion sets, pen needles, glucose tabs, alcohol swabs, and other diabetes needs
  • Includes our signature removable waste pouch so you can easily collect and dispose of those pesky used test strips that seem to gather everywhere

Size Specifications:
17.78cm L x 10.79cm W x 4.44cm H 

The Banting wallet is named after Sir Frederick Grant Banting who received the 1923 Nobel Prize in Medicine.
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Questions (1)
How does it keep cool - does it have a product to put in freezer?

Hi Carolyn. Myabetic bags and wallets do not keep your medication cool. If you are after a bag to keep your medication stored at a safe temperature, check our range of Frio Cooling Wallets and Medactiv Bags.

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