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NS-3 Lip Complex Jar

Product Description
NS-3 Lip Complex rapidly relieves and repairs dry, chapped, cracked and damaged lips. It protects, moisturises and restores your lips and other soft tissue to a healthy, soft, smooth and supple state.

NS Lip Complex does not contain Petroleum used in most other lip care products. Beeswax and Vitamins nourish, while Aloe Vera, Allantoin and Honey restore weather damaged, cracked lips and other soft tissue areas. Zinc Oxide provides a natural sunscreen.
  • Natural and organic formula
  • Provides long lasting relief for sore lips
  • Protects against weather damage from sun and wind
  • Light, pleasant honey flavour
  • Convenient size jar (12g)
  • Apply 2 or 3 times daily or as often as required
  • Rub in well to lock in its natural moisturisers and conditioners
  • One application lasts up to three hours
  • If irritation occurs discontinue use
Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride (Coconut extract): Emollient (softens the skin)
Vegetable Glycerin (Coconut palm extract): Humectant, hydrating.
Honey: Anti-bacterial, healing, natural humectant.
Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol (Coconut derived): Petroleum free emollient
Emu Oil: Anti-inflammatory, penetrating, hydrating, rich source of natural vitamin E.
Grape Seed Oil (Grape seed extract): Anti-oxidant, emollient, penetrating.
Urea: Humectant, hydrating, healing, commonly used to treat ichthiosis, hyperkeratotic skin disorders (skin thickening).
Zinc Oxide: Natural sunscreen properties.
Aloe Vera (Certified organic Aloe Barbadensis juice): Contains over 100 natural amino acids, vitamins, essential minerals, polysaccharides and enzymes. Anti-inflammatory, humectant, hydrates, stimulates collagen production, keratolytic (removes dead skin cells), balances pH, anti-pruritic (relieves itching), astringent (tones skin).
Vitamin E (found in Wheat germ): Humectant, anti-inflammatory, increases epithelisation (healing), increases enzyme activity, prevents free radical damage, reduces UV damage.
Allantoin (Comfrey root extract): Healing and soothing, anti-inflammatory, keratolytic (removes dead skin cells), stimulates new cell growth, humectant, anti-irritant.
Vitamin C: Anti-oxidant, aids in absorption of nutrition to the skin. 

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