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Mediband Dog Tag Onyx

Perspex Medical ID Dog Tag
Product Description
In an emergency situation, a fast, accurate diagnosis is critical to the right medical treatment!

For emergency first responders, not having access to this information immediately can make diagnosis difficult or delay vital treatment.

Perspex Dog Tag Medical ID Pendent from mediband comes in a classic style and displays The Rod of Asclepius, which is an internationally trusted and recognised emblem that alerts medical professionals to the wearer having a medical condition. Emergency services personnel and healthcare professionals are trained to look for The Rod of Asclepius and the information that is engraved on the back of the emblem*.

Pendent Size: 40 x 25 x 4

* Please note you will need to arrange for engraving of your specific diabetes type and critical information upon delivery and no chain included.
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Questions (2)
Hi, If the Chain is not made of Metal, then what is it made of? & Is there any Warranty on this Product? John Neish.

Hi John The chain is plastic, we recommend that you purchase a more durable chain to wear with the Mediband Onyx Dog Tag, however, you certainly can use the temporary chain that comes with the Dog Tag.

Does the pendant come with the chain or is this separate? Cheers Deborah 0430 440 311

Hi Deborah The pendant does come with a chain, however it is not a metal chain.

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