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MySharps Pen Needle Pocket Container

Get 3 MySharps disposal units each holding up to 25 pen needle tips and it can also be used for test strips
Product Description
The MySharps disposal unit allows you to dispose of your pen needle tips in a safe, discrete and convenient way. It is great for work, school or travel.

It fits in your pocket and will hold up to 25 pen needle tips, or it can also be used for test strips.

- You get 3 MySharps containers for $15.95.
- Suitable for all pen needle sizes
- Easy to use
Reviews (2)
Name : nicole
Location :
Title :
Review : great idea and no need for the cap just insert needle and twist it off may take a bit of practice but heaps handy and a great sided inconspicuous container highly recommend

Name : John
Location :
Title :
Review : I bought a set of these and they are very handy. One thing which surprised me though is that the opening is not large enough for the needle and cap. So you have to be careful when unscrewing the uncapped needle from the pen.

Questions (3)
Is this re-usable?

Hi Maria The MySharp Pocket Container comes in a pack of 3 single use containers. However please be aware that all sharps disposal containers are only designed for a single use.

hey there I asked a few questions, why has this disappeared? Thanks

Hi Scott Any question posted will disappear from the site after posting until it is able to be reviewed, please be aware we do not censor negative comments, only comments that offer advice of a medical nature or that are offensive.

what a great idea, I travel a lot and this will be perfect. Thankyou. How much is the postage? Is there a minimum to buy? Where can you dispose of it? Is there a program where you get another at a discounted price when you pass one in, like an exchange program? Do you get a discount under the nds? Thanks, Scott

Hi Scott Postage is $8, however if you are purchasing an NDSS order at the same time postage will be free. There is no minimum purchase, although if you are only ordering Diabetes NSW products the minimum postage charge is $8. Community Health Centres, hospitals and some pharmacies offer sharps collection services. REROC with the assistance of Diabetes NSW have produced an iPhone App for finding sharps disposal locations, which can be found here;,-calculators-quizzes#Diabetes_App You can find information on community sharps disposal options in NSW here; No government subsidy, such as through the NDSS is currently provided for sharps disposal containers.

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