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NovoPen 4

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IA021, IA022

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Product Description
This product is a reusable pen for the injection of insulin and does not contain any insulin itself. You will need to obtain insulin cartridges seperately.

Simplicity - Quick and simple to use, right from the very first time

Durability and accuracy - Built to last: Accurate insulin delivery for at least 5 years

Convenience - Reassuring end-of-dose click for patient convenience

Use with our full range of modern Insulins and NovoFine®  needles.

Reviews (1)
Name : Steve W
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Review : Works well, Recently went overseas for 6 weeks this pen worked like a dream

Questions (20)
Mixtard30 and needles what is the price each item? If delivery possible in local nsw area I am a diabiatic patient hence I enquire the availability. I am coming for a visit nextmonth Thanks Geethagopalan

Hello this is not a product that we sell via our website, however it may be covered by the NDSS. If you visit a pharmacy they may be able to sell this medication to you.

Hi, Is the NovoPen 4 the same as the NovoPen Echo? I have a NovoPen Echo but the spring has stopped working & my closest chemist only has the NovoPen 4 in stock. Where can I get another NovoPen Echo from? Karen

No, the Novopen 4 cannot give doses in 1/2 units. To obtain a new Novo Pen Echo contact Novo Nordisk directly on 1800 668 626

Is Novopen 4 compatible with Mixtard?

The Novo Pen 4 works with 3mL Novo Nordisk Penfill Cartridges.

Is the Sanofi ClikSTAR insulin pen suitable to use Humalog Insulin

No, Lily Kwikpen or for 3mL the Lilly Huma Pen Savvio.

Does this hold the 3ml Lantus cartridge? If not which one does? Thanks

Huma Pens are compatible with Lantus.

I just went to the drug store to a new pen because the one have the plunger would not come out. When I got the new one is doing the same thing. Then discovered that you have to have a cartridge in the pen before the plunger will extend. It would be helpful if that was noted in the instruction sheet as the #3 pen didn't need a cartridge in place so you check that it actually works!

Hi Thank you for your feedback, we will pass it along to Novo Nordisk.

Is the Novo Pen 4 compatible with using Norditropin Cartridges?

Unfortunately, the Novo Pen 4 is only compatible with insulin cartridges.

Can I use BD Ultra Fine 4mm Pen Needles with my Novo Pen 4? If not where can I get the BD Ultra Fine Pen?

Yes, you can use BD Ultra Fine Pen Needles with a Novo Pen 4

Where can I get the novopen 4 from ? I live in Victoria and they are not listed on the vic site. Thames

Hi Melanie You are welcome to order the Novo Pen 4 on this website, please note that you may incur postage fees.

Is the novopen 4 compatible with Humalog cartridges? If not which pen is? I broke my pen yesterday which I've had for a very long time. Your help is appreciated. Thanks

Hi Fiona. The Huma Pen Savvio is compatible with 3mL Humalog cartridges.

Is this pen compatible with Novorapid and Actrapid and does it do half units ?

Hi Tracey Yes it is compatible with both Novorapid & Actrapid

Hi, is Novopen 4 compatible with Noovopen 3. Thanks

Hi The Novo Pen 4 is a newer model version of theNovo Pen 3.

Could you please tell me about the novo pen echo a friend has it and I would really like to have one as I have made the occasional mistake in my amount of insulin taken and if it is available through you

Unfortunately we cannot supply the Novo Pen Echo, you will need to speak with your Diabetes Educator about obtaining this Pen.

Are you still able to get the NovoPen 3 Demi which doses in 1/2 units?

Hi, to get the Novo Demi Pen you will need to contact Novo Nordisk directly on 1800 668 626.

Hi there, I check my blood glucose tester and doctor says I have diabetes type 1 so I am thinking to start with insulin so please can you instruct me to the right product I do I start and what kinds of insulin do I need to take every day and how many time a day and how many units

Hi , thank you for your question, unfortunately I cannot answer diabetes management questions, but you can call our Customer Care Line and ask to speak with a diabetes educator who can help direct you to were you can get the answers you need. Call 1300 342 238.

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