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BD Safe-Clip

Product Description
The BD Safe-Clip™ Needle Clipping & Storage Device removes syringe needles and pen needles safely and easily.
This portable device holds up to 1,500 clipped needles, approximately a 2-year supply.

The BD Safe-Clip™ Device makes the syringe unusable by clipping off the needle. After the device clips the needle from the syringe the needle is automatically and safely retained within the clipper. Do not clip if this is not your own syringe.

The device can be used with 28G through 31G needles and 3/16" (5mm) through ½" (12.7mm) length needles. 

Not intended for use with lancets.
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Hi Would this product be suitable for use with an insulin pump insertion set? Thank you

Hi Helena. Unfortunately, the 'needle' point on a insulin pump insertion set is both too long and thick to work with the BD Safe Clip.

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