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TRUEuniversal Lancets 28G

Pack of 100 Lancets
Product Description
TRUEuniversal lancets are single-use and easy to use, fitting most lancing devices offering a gentle alternative for more comfortable skin penetration.

- Pack of 100 lancets
- 28 Guage
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Questions (8)
Are ThrueUniversal lancents compatible with One Touch Ultra Mini meter?

Yes, TRUEuniversal Lancets 28G will work with the One Touch lancing device.

Are the TRUEuniversal Lancets 28G compatible with the SOFTCLIX II, if not which are, please?

Hi Tony. Only Accu-Chek Softclix Lancets will work with the Softclix Lancing Device.

Asking this question for my mother, what is the difference between 23g and 28g?

It is the gauge or thickness of the lancet, the higher the number the thinner the lancet. So a 28G lancet will be thinner than a 23G. When considering which gauge is right for you it is important to consider how thick or calloused the skin of the testing site is. I hope this helps, if you have more questions please feel free to call 1300 136 588 and ask to speak with a Diabetes Educator.

will these lancets fit in a freestyle lite?

Hi You need to use the Abbott Thin Lancets (LA003)

Are TRUEuniversal lancets compatible with the Dario smart meter?

Hi Andy You need to use the Gentlet Premier 30g Lancet with a Dario.

Will the True Universal DIA013 lancets fit the One Touch Select Simple. Thank you.

If you use the One Touch Lancing Device included in the pack with the meter you will need to use the One Touch Ultra Soft lancets (LA019)

can i use the microsoft lancet on its own without any "pen"? thanks

Microlet lancets are designed to be used with a lancing device, we do have single use lancets available, you can find them here

Will this "universal" lancet work with the finger-pricking device supplied with the iBGStar monitor? Thanks.

The lancing device that is supplied along with the IBG star monitor is compatible with BD microfine lancets

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