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TRUEdraw Lancing Device

Lancing Device
Product Description
  • ergonomic design
  • quick and easy lancet insertion and disposal
  • 5 depth settings
  • 1-2 for soft/thin skin
  • 3-4 for average skin
  • 4-5 for thick/calloused skin
Reviews (1)
Name : Matthew ward
Location :
Title :
Review : In using this device with the optional clear cap, with the clear cap you can use on your arm to draw blood,it's very tight in pulling it off. I used the device on a hep c patient, when time to pull the cap off, I have to use alot of pull to remove the cap, and in doing so causing my self to get a needle stick. A device used to test blood, should not have to be so hard to pull the cap off. If you use this machine to test other people's blood, I would not recommend this device.

Questions (1)
What lancets can be used in this unit ?

True Universal Lancets (DIA013) or Thin Lancets (LA003) can both be used in the True Draw figure-pricking device.

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