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Pharmacy & Healthcare is the new name in diabetes products and is brought to you by Diabetes NSW & ACT and Diabetes Tasmania. Through this partnership we are able to devote time and resources to continuing to help you provide your customers with Australia’s largest range of diabetes products. will provide you with all the essentials to help your customers with everything they need to manage their diabetes, all available in one place, at low pharmacy & healthcare provider prices. From syringes to skincare, from insulin pump accessories to injection pens we’ve got you covered.

Diabetes essentials not covered by NDSS but available from include:
  • Lancets and Lancing devices: These are essential for obtaining blood to measure blood glucose levels. Customers will often need to purchase these along with their blood glucose strips.
  • Sharps disposal containers: Sharps include lancets and pen needles and should be disposed of in a secure container. Many pharmacies also offer a sharps disposal service so customers can purchase safe sharps containers and dispose of them at their local pharmacy.
  • Diabetes travel packs: With blood glucose meters, BGL strips, lancets, etc, there can be a lot to carry around with you when managing your diabetes. Make life easier for your customers living with diabetes by offering a range of diabetes travel packs.
  • Insulin cooling cases: Insulin should be maintained a stable temperatures, and specially designed cases such as Frio wallets can provide customers with the assurance that their insulin will be kept at optimum conditions.

To begin saving, simply register for a wholesale account or request a catalogue by calling 1300 776 388 or emailing  You can set up as many accounts as you need.


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