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Lancing & Lancets

I recently asked a number of questions by John about lancets. John wanted to know, “Why are Lancets not subsidised by th...

Preparing for Hypoglycaemia

In my last post, I wrote about the symptoms and effects of hypoglycaemia. At the recent Diabetes NSW & ACT Live Your Lif...
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Betaglucare Powder
CareSens N Voice
Double D Marshmallows
Du'It Rolla Balm 50mL
Du'It Tough Hands 150G
Du'It Tough Scrub 150mL
MyHealthTest HbA1c Test Kit
mylife Safety Lancet 28G
All Day Ladies 2pk Fine Crew
All Day Ladies 2pk Modal Crew
BG1 ALIGN Glucose Monitor
BG5 Blood Glucose Monitor
HS4 LITE Wireless Scale
Moulamein Steel Cut Oats
Myabetic Dog Diabetes Case
Tartoo Pump Dots 4Pk
Tartoo Pump Flower 4Pk
Tartoo Pump Sports 4Pk

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