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How to inject your diabetes medication: The 5 Golden Rules

Always inject into the healthy fatty layer under your skin1 For your medication to work properly, it needs to be inje...

Our Diabetes Educator answers your questions

My blood glucose levels are playing up at night. Max called me the other day because his blood glucose levels when he w...
Brought to you by offers a range of resources to assist Health Professionals with diabetes education and services in the community. In addition to our information booklets, we also have the National Fact Sheets (NFS) which have been developed by the diabetes state and territory organisations of Australia and have been designed as simple and practical education tools for diabetes management. They are available in bulk packs of 50. Diabetes NSW & ACT also has a range of diabetes information sheets designed specifically for people from Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds available in soft copy only here.

Diabetes NSW & ACT and Diabetes Tasmania Health Professional Members are entitled to 10% off the retail price of all products as well as discounts on training programs. Click here to find out more about Diabetes NSW & ACT Health Professional Membership.

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ASP 1.4L Screw-top Sharps Container
ASP 3L Screw-top Sharps Container
Healthy Shopping Guide 2016
Living With Diabetes - Pre Diabetes
Portion Perfect Plate
AMSL HypoPak Glucose Sachet 15g
BD Sharps Collector 1.4L
BD Sharps Collector 3.1L
BD Sharps Collector 7.8L
Haemolance Plus Safety Lancets 28G
Healthy Shopping Guide 2013
IDC 12.5L Sharps Container Square
Resistance Training Guide
TRUEuniversal Safety Lancets 28G
Unistik 3 Comfort Safety Lancets 28G
Unistik 3 Normal Safety Lancets 23G

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